Why America Still Matters to God: Finding the U.S in Bible Prophecy


•Just a blip on history’s radar?
•Mystery Babylon?
•The Second Beast from the Book of Revelation?
•Or something else entirely?
In today’s troubled world all eyes seem to be on the U.S. We are the lone superpower and the world’s greatest nation.
How does God see the United States?
The Church in modern times views America through the lens of the secular world – not through the eyes of God.
What place does the U.S. have in God’s plan and what role do we play in the End Times? Why has God blessed the United States with such prosperity as the world has never seen before? Is the United States really featured in scriptural prophecies?
Is America worth saving?
Read one pastor’s seven-year long journey to discover, through biblical prophecy, what role the United States will play in the End Times.
An important resource for the End Times.
A call to follow Christ.
A warning for the United States.
“Sometime before the return of Christ; God will raise up a nation made up of people from all different nations. This nation will have a large population. It will be a military power. It will be known as a Christian Nation. It will be a very wealthy nation. It will not be called Israel. And it will be located on the opposite side of the globe from the Middle East.”

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