The Mentor

Trapped and running out of air, Dexter has six minutes to escape a locked cargo van that's just plummeted to the bottom of a quarry lake. He knows he's got only six minutes because that's one of the things a man told him an hour earlier. Before knocking Dex out.

This-- it may go without saying-- is not the best time Dexter's ever had in a van.

As he struggles to escape, one thought is rattling around his panicked brain: Why is this happening?

A relentless stranger has turned Dex's life upside down. To Dexter, the guy seems to be a former military man and current sadistic psychopath. Every few days, the young man wakes up in some new life-threatening situation with a vague memory of the Mentor's "lesson"-- a handful of obscure facts Dex will have to use if he wants to get out of whatever nightmare he's been dropped into.

The Mentor is pushing Dex to his limits for reasons unknown. But, this stranger doesn't realize, if he pushes too hard, he'll trigger a mental gift that could change the world.

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