The Cheerleaders Shoot: steamy, exotic group erotica at its best (Billionaire Photographer's Harem Book 2)

Ideal for fans of Alex Riley. Selena Kitt and Jack Ryder...

When hot cheerleader Carla wants some new photos for her cheeleader portfolio to get a shot at auditions for a local team, 'hunky' photographer Javier is happy to oblige. Though to try and keep things professional, Javier also has his stepsister Ariana assisting.

But Carla appears to have a game-plan of her own, and when this later involves two hot cheerleader friends, Javier might have bitten off more than he can chew...

I resigned myself to the fact that nothing was going to happen – at least beyond a standard professional shoot. Perhaps Lia and Tammy had made it clear from the outset they had no interest in anything sexual happening, and Carla hadn’t wanted to egg them on to do anything they weren’t comfortable with.

That all changed twenty minutes later when Carla and Lia walked out from the changing room wearing nothing but matching black and red panties. The same style split-crotch knickers Carla had first flashed me with and was wearing at the last session.

‘See anything you like?’ Carla asked in a sultry voice.

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